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What people are saying about WYFBA

“This program will change your life. Lauren is an unbelievable cheerleader, coach and guide and she will push you and encourage you to do things you never dreamed of doing! If you’ve been waiting to take the plunge to write a book, NOW is the time to go for it! Don’t wait another minute, day, month or year. It’s time to WRITE YOUR FRIGGIN’ BOOK ALREADY!”

Mars Pacelli

“Writing is thought of as a solitary experience, but it wasn’t until I had to be accountable to a group of people and my coach that I was able to write my first novel. And this is coming from someone who studied creative writing in college and grad school! I simply was never going to write my novel until I joined WYFBA.”

Paige Baschuk

“WYFBA got me to write a book. I feared letting the group down or needing special attention that took time away from everyone else. The program gave me a reassuring space to believe it would all work out.”

Dr. Lindsey Doe